Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Science Bastard Music Video, A Different Same

Hi there, this is where I'll be posting and talking about my work as a Production Designer/Art Director. At the moment I'm working with writer/director Matt Brown on a music video for the band Science Bastard from their Debut Album Pull Tiger Death Cord.  Here's a little visual research which I've been collating...

Update:  : )

Finding the right location was a challenge but after several location recce’s the director,  Matt Brown, and I visited a psychiatric ward and found a great space. Below are a few photographs of how the location looked before and then after I dressed it. 

The before image of the room we decided to use.

The room after I dressed it.

Below are a few photos showing the room in closer detail.

Watch the video now - http://vimeo.com/41501717

See below for some more images from behind the scenes :)

So many animal parts....

Above: The director, Matt Brown, getting ready for his cameo with the DP Chris Jacobi

Prepping for the final shot of the 'creation'.

The awesome make-up artist Alex aka Harper Effects.

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  1. Hi Felicity,

    Glad you got your blog together. Hope the shoot went well yesterday. Looking forward in seeing the finished film.