Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Recent Film Work

Date                TV                                                                   Director

2012-13             St Milligans Wharf, Pilot                                   Matt Brown

Date                Charity Film                                                   Director

2013                 Getting Lucky (Welsh Woman's aid)                 Liam Hobbs

Date                Independent Feature Films                          Director

2012                Art Director – Caring and Killing                      Michael O’Connor

Date                Film Promo/Trailer                                        Director

2013                The Body - Production Designer                      Matt Brown
2013                Daniels - Production Designer                        Adam Nicholas/Thomas Rees
2012                Harmion - Art Department Assistant                Richard Swingle

Date                Music Videos      

2012                Production Designer – Shrill Carder ‘Waiting’, Dir. Matt Brown
2012                Production Designer – Science Bastard ‘A Different Same’, Dir. Matt Brown
2011                Production Designer - Kutosis, ‘Battle Lake’, Dir. Graham Neale
2011                Production Designer/Producer – Kutosis, ‘Islands vs Oceans’, Dir. Matt Brown

Date                Competitions

2011                Production Designer - Peugeot Advert Competition ‘Motion and Emotion’’,               
                       Dir. Zennis

Date                Independent Film Company shorts

2011                Production Assistant – Short community film - Pilipala Films, 
                       Dir. – Mike Thomas and Mandy Carpenter                                                                                    
2010                Production Assistant – Short Film, ‘Fear Behind the Wheel’- 
                       Pilipala Films/Gwent Police, 
                       Dir. Mike Thomas and Mandy Carpenter
2010                Technical Assistant – Short Film ‘Is It Worth It?’ - Pilipala 
                       Films/Gwent Police, 
                       Dir. Mike Thomas and Mandy Carpenter.
2010                Production Assistant – Short Film ‘1960’s Magical Mystery Tour’
                       Pilipala Films/Spark*, Dir. Mike Thomas and Mandy Carpenter

Date                Student Film Productions                               Director

2012                Production Designer -'For the Fallen'                 Matthew James Evans
2011                Production Designer – ‘On/Off’ (pre-pro)            Lourival Cuquinha
2011                Writer/Director – ‘Birds’                                    Felicity Boylett
2011                Production designer – ‘The Colour of Her Eyes’ Graham Neale
2011                Boom Operator – ‘Daddy’s Garden’                  Miguela Gonzalez
2011                Prosthetics – ‘Skin Deep’                                  Torkjell Stromme
2011                Production designer/Writer – ‘Hangman‘            Miguela Gonzalez
2011                Camera operator – ‘Lorca….after owl creek’     Kasia Prus
2010                Runner/Extra – ‘Chance‘                                   Alex Figueroa
2010                Runner – ‘Therapy for beginners’                    William Scothern

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