Sunday, April 29, 2012

Art Director for Caring and Killing a low budget feature film.

Being brought on to the 3rd shooting block of Caring and Killing, a low budget feature film about a boxer (directed by Michael O’Connor), was a great opportunity and I had the pleasure of working with some amazing people, both on the crew and cast.

We needed an arena location to film in and I managed to get a contact of mine to agree to allow us to film in a professional rugby ground stadium. Some pictures below show how the locker room looked before and after I dressed it.

The locker room before dressing.


The above shots show how I dressed the locker room for a couple of different scenes.

We also worked in a gym which had a pretty sparse locker room, see before and after.

Above before and below after dressing.

The most challenging day for me involved creating a motel room in a black box space which would enable the DoP, Jon Rattigan, to control the lighting to just a spot light in the middle of the room. The photograph below is courtesy of Chris Lucas Photography.

The last two days of the shoot invloved filming on a farm and I was asked to firstly make it look abandoned and forgotten, then homely and lived-in for different scenes.

Above the house look forgotten and below more lived-in.

September 2012

We have just recently finished shooting the final scene for Caring and Killing, where I was required to create a makeshift study in an amazing manor house built in the 1500's.

The below images, taken by Steven Quinn, show how the room looked before I started rearranging : )

The home owner kindly allowed me to use some of his furniture from adjacent rooms, (the desk, chairs and shelving unit) the other props I was able to borrow or I already had.

The below images, also taken by Steven Quinn, show how the room looked after I finished.

In the run up to the shoot I mocked up bills and other letters for the desk and dirtied a cup ready to help show the character had been at the desk for a while. To add a homely feel I also had photos taken of the actors and added these, in frames, to the windowsill, one of which was shown damaged to help convey the characters emotions.

I'm really disappointed filming is over already, but I can't wait to see the final film!

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