Sunday, April 29, 2012

MA Film, Student work

Though my film MA I was involved as production designer/art director on several other shorts as well as my own. 

Hangman (directed by Miguela Gonzalez)

A short I wrote, but one that was changed completely from my original idea due to requirements on the film course, which means that the film produced was not how I planned. Fortunately I had great fun finding and creating the set, which included a tool torture table, see images below. 

The Colour of Her Eyes. (written and directed by Graham Neale)

A film about a girl who is brutally attacked and the only witness, a struggling writer, has to fight his conscience when he pretends to have saved her and writes a book about it. For this I had to find a hospital room, which was very difficult as at the time no hospitals in Wales where allowed to permit filming. In the end I remembered about my old college having a beauty school so I ended up converting a beauty bed and room into a hospital one.

I also had to dress the authors flat, a pub and play the police officer :) 

The beauty room before dressing.

After dressing.

The flat

Blue tacked spy hole : )

 Below photos courtesy of Matt Brown. 

Me making some final touches.

For the Fallen (written and directed by Matthew James Evans)

A final year film about our forgotten war hero's that had no budget and I was brought on very last minute to create a coffin and shelter for a tramp. Due to there being no budget I could only use what I could get my hands on for free. 

On/Off (written and directed by Lourival Cuquinha)

An artistic short about security cameras and identity. Filming for this took place in Wales and London. A rotation set was required and I helped the director build it as well as dress a bedroom and fix cameras up in a canal location.

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