Thursday, January 10, 2013

St Milligans Wharf, Second Block

Yesterday we wrapped :) Now it all comes down to the edit. I had such a great time working on this pilot, big shout out to Matt Brown, a amazing director, Keefa Chan, an incredibly talented DP and Whitney Branning, a great 1st and awesome art department helper :)

After several trips to London we found a suitable location. To get the right look I had to CAD up a scale drawing of the office and boardroom and then plan what we were going to hire, in terms of furniture, as the items available on location were not suitable. I also had to bear in mind that two of the main walls, in the office, were orange, which I over came by adding orange items around the room. Below are some images of the locations before and after.

the boardroom before:

and after:

the main office before:

 and after:

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